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    • Managers, who are licensed in the State of Florida, must be familiar with the authorities and composition of a Board of Directors.
    • The manager executes the policies adopted by the board in coordination with local, state, and federal laws.
    • The board’s responsibility is to enter into contracts including a management contract in the best interest of the association and its members.
    • Decisions of the association are transparent and explained for all owners/residents to understand and feel confident about.
    • Service requests / work orders as needed by owners/residents are handled and followed up on to ensure their timely completion.
    • The manager will maintain professional certification, continuing credit hours, as required by the Sate Florida.
    • The manager will cooperate with all owners alike, treating each respectively, professionally and equal.
    • Maintain positive relations with association members to maintain a sense of community.
    • Experience in an array of management positions with over 20 years working with teams, budgets, consumers and staff supervisory experience.
    • Oversight of restoration / maintenance projects for associations.  Budgets ranging from 300k – 1 million.  Restoration projects with a 700k budget.

Member of the CAI – Community Association Institute